Fishing Report

Fishing Report 5/14/15

Fishing has been off to a good start for our 2015 season.

Kokanee have been caught in excess of 16″ (quite large for a Kokanee), and there is no shortage of supply. A good place to Kokanee fish would be along bunker hill in about 30 to 60 feet of water. If you have a fish finder, USE IT. The Kokanee are known to swim in large¬†schools (unlike German Brown, or Rainbow), so if you see a school of fish, they are more than likely Kokanee. Trolling a set of flashers, with a wedding ring tipped with corn on about 4 feet of leader would be your best bet.

German Brown

The Browns are fat this year, as the lake didn’t freeze for as long, and allowed for the fish to feed later into the season. As usual, head into the Lake Creek, or North Umpqua arm of the lake in about 10 to 35 feet of water for the browns. They hang in the old stump beds in the shallows.¬†Personal favorite lures include, Tasmanian devil, Kastmaster, Rooster Tails, or a Bingo Bug. If you prefer trolling, Troll along the face of Bunker Hill and into the mouth of the North Umpqua, Loop back around and over into the lake creek arm. Swing it wide in lake creek and repeat.

Rainbow Trout

You could catch one of these things on an old mattress pad. ODFW just stocked our lake in early may with rainbows. These fish usually hang out along the bank closest to the resort. Try worm fishing, or even throwing on some power bait in about 20 to 30 feet of water. These fish aren’t picky, so they are good ones to try to get kids into fishing.


If you catch anything big, be sure to let us know. We will put a picture up on our website or Facebook.